Photo credit: NYCEDC

Our Spaces

BioBAT’s space is ideal for research or manufacturing. Its spacious floor plates can be partitioned into affordable wet labs, dry labs and offices. BioBAT offers flexible leasing options starting at one year, and tenants have the opportunity to lease additional space to accommodate further growth.

  • 56,000 sf floor plates with support columns every 20 ft
  • Loading docks
  • Elevator rated at 4,500 lbs capacity
  • Floor supports loads of 250 lbs per sf
Sample floorplan

Specialized Systems

BioBAT’s systems are capable of supporting a variety of wet lab, dry lab and manufacturing facilities, including cGMP and BSL 2/3 spaces. Its mechanical, electrical, and HVAC systems include features such as:

  • Redundant clean electrical power
  • Class E fire protection
  • Acid waste neutralization system
  • Up to 8 air changes per hour
  • Clean steam for space humidification
  • Vents for fume hood exhaust
  • Space for specialized HEPA filters adjacent to each lab